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• Relaxation of muscle spasms
• Prevention and cessation of muscular atrophy due to disuse
• Improved local blood circulation and flow
• Re-education of muscles using targeted stimulation
• Preserve and improve range of motion
• Management and reduction of pain (chronic, post-traumatic, and postsurgical)


Therapeutic ultrasound is commonly used in physical therapy. It is used to provide deep heating to soft tissues in the body. These tissues include muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.
Conditions treated:
• Bursitis
• Tendonitis
• Muscle strains and tears
• Frozen shoulder
• Sprains and ligament injuries
• Joint contracture or tightness

Percussion Therapy:

Percussion therapy helps relieve pain and boost recovery. Since percussion therapy is utilized to aggressively work and treat deep-tissue muscles, it helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen distribution to various parts of your body, especially on the local topical area.